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Title: 逆襲のヒーロー (Gyakushuu no hero)

Air date: March 18th, 2018

Written by: Shogo Muto

Directed by: Satoshi Morota



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Hellbros was kind of disappointing, Banjou whooped his ass with more ease than Kazumi did Enginebros. Him appearing to gain a sympathetic aspect like the Hokuto boys only for it to be revealed to be a lie was amusing though.

RabbitRabbit being a controlled Hazard with a couple of gimmicks instead of a huge upgrade was welcome to stall the powercreep. Enjoyed the interaction between Gentoku and Sento…Gentoku isn't too compelling on his own but his past and friendship with Sento when he was Katsuragi is an interesting window into Sento's charater.

They are REALLY trying to get us to hate the Washio brothers, aren't they? Quite a stark contrast to the hokuto trio.

I wouldn't say he whooped him. They were both taking hits, and Banjou's finishers didn't seem to be doing too much damage as opposed to just knocking him around. If anything, it's seemed more like Hellbros saw he wasn't crushing Banjou easily the way he expected to and got scared of Banjou's power growth, so he decided to pull that trick.

imo it's a sign that banjou/crossz is abnormal, even more so than sento. his hazard level growth is crazy fast that he can go from being a punching bag to actually putting up a fight against hellbros in such a short time frame.

I'm always hype about a new Build form but RabbitRabbit was way better than I expected. It wasn't even a true transformation it was more like a hazard equip.

That being said I loved the full look of RabbitRabbit down to the twin “bunny ear” cape. Ohhhh and that finisher was too hype. Caught me hella off guard.

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TankTank looks very promising as well

it's very fitting since sento didn't upgrade the form, but instead making it more controllable- makes sense that the base form doesnt change that way.

That finisher is literally gomu-gomu rider kick lol. I hope they release toy of that bunny, it's so cute. And gentoku bullying part 2 started.

-gives up everything to becomes stronger, undergoes endless pain, suffering and humilitation

-Sento surpasses him by creating a toy bunny

being Gentoku is suffering

Another good episode but man, the cinematography was really well done. The one to one talk between Gentoku and Sento and the spotlight flicking between them was just great.

Judging by the preview, maybe Sawa tells Sento she was going to betray them. We see her break down in front of Sento and it seems to be a flashback.

If they give a good reason to why Sawa had to betray them, then maybe I'll be completely fine with her character. Otherwise, I'll still feel iffy on the 2 time betray thing. Hoo TankTank here we gooo.

Eh, I like it because it shows just how loyal she is that she’d voluntarily become a Smash just to deflect suspicion. It also kinda mocks the “instant one-arc face turn” thing that some shows have.

My guess is that she eventually admitted the situation to Sento, and they came up with a plan for her to send the RabbitRabbit data but not the TankTank data.

I had a good chuckle with the “YABEI!! HAYEI!?” belt announcements. It was like, “Oh shit he gotta go fast”

ikr. while others think the HAYEII sounds like someone's dying, i think it clearly expresses that 'this shit's gonna go fast'.

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Gotta love how Rabbit Rabbit form makes him faster, complete with a crimson costume and bright gold insignia on the chest. Kamen Rider Flash!

also matches gundam series' char aznable's running theme of using red-colored mobile suits that are always claimed to be '3 times faster' and often, with yellow/gold insignia.

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