Windows Is In Notification Mode Là Gì

Sometimes it happens with all Windows users that they won’t be able khổng lồ change themes, wallpapers, or even some apps stops working. Well, the case is your Windows is in notification mode. That means it is not activated properly. So, what you need to vị is khổng lồ activate your Windows system correctly và solve the problem.

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What Does Windows Notification Mode Mean?

Windows Notification Mode pops up when the Windows software on your computer is activated properly. At the same time, it also means that it can’t verify your code. However, it can happen because of many things lượt thích the software you brought or downloaded is not a genuine one.

Or the activation servers are overloaded with requests of activation. That is because millions of users activate the Windows system every minute. So, sometimes there is a delay in getting to the Windows VPS khổng lồ process your request.

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How Long Does Windows Notification Mode Last?

Well, if you have installed Windows recently, then you will be able khổng lồ run it without any problem for one month. That is because the Windows restrictions won’t bother for one month of installation. But, after that, the restrictions will affect your computer, & it will last until you activate the Windows properly.

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What Will Happen If I Don’t Active sầu Windows?

Like I told you, if you don‘t activate Windows properly, then your system will go in the notification mode & show you “Windows isn’t activated, Activate Windows now” notification in the Settings. At the same time, you will encounter some restrictions like; you won’t be able lớn change the wallpaper, themes, & accent colors, lochồng accessible, và some applications will stop working.

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How to Check Windows Is Activated Properly?

You can check using the Comm& Prompt with these steps:

Step-2: Run “slmgr /xpr” command.

Step-3: That commvà will open another dialog that will contain Windows activation information. If Windows is activated properly, then it will display “This machine is permanently activated.”

Step-4: But, if Windows is not activated properly, then it will show “Windows is in notification mode.”

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How lớn Get Rid of Windows Notification Mode?

It is obvious that you must have lớn install Windows properly to lớn get rid of the Windows notification mode. Now, you can follow this guide và activate Windows correctly:

Step-1: Firstly, you have sầu to go to the Start Menu of your computer và then Settings. Or you can just press “Windows Key + X + N.”

Step-2: Then find the option called Update và Security và then Activation.

Step-3: Cliông xã on the “Change product key” that is under the “Activate Windows now” on the right-hvà pane.

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So, if your computer shows this Windows notification, then you are required lớn activate Windows properly. If it doesn’t show the notification but shows restrictions, then kiểm tra on the Command Prompt as I told you.

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