Get started with high quality workgroup printing

Small businesses & workgroup teams can easily achieve great results with this well equipped A4 B&W laze printer. The i-SENSYS LBP252dw’s compact kích thước and smart looks are ideal in customer-facing environments or busy offices. Và you’ll complete everyday tasks faster with rapid 33 ppm output và the ability lớn start printing from idle or standby in just a few seconds.

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Sustained quality, easy ownership

Consistent reliability & renewed unique are ensured every time you change your toner thanks khổng lồ Canon’s easy-to-replace All-in-One cartridge design. Want your printer to run longer with fewer interventions? Choose the longer-lasting high yield cartridges. Even better, with just a single cartridge to lớn keep track of, you’ll have fewer items lớn order & manage, reducing your admin workload.

Great tư vấn for mobile và cloud

Protecting your information & your bottom line

Concerned about document confidentiality in the office? Enjoy peace of mind using the Secure Print Function that enables you khổng lồ securely print private and confidential documents using a pin code. The LBP252dw protects your profitability too, with features lượt thích double-sided printing that reduce wasted paper, and tự động hóa Shutdown that conserves electricity when your printer’s not in use.

Network and integration-ready on-board Wi-Fi

Product Specification

Find out more about the Canon i-SENSYS LBP252dw, its features & what it can do.

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